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A White Paper, in the business context, is a document which defines a position or a solution to a particular existing or potential problem – a policy preference. It can make the case for a particular product or service or simply be used to present the findings of research relating to products or services etc. In essence, the objective of a White Paper is to educate and inform its readers so that they understand a particular problem and grasp how best it can be solved – albeit in the opinion of the individual or organisation on whose instructions the White Paper has been prepared. When used for commercial purposes a well prepared and professionally written White Paper should be persuasive so that it can influence the decision-making process of current and perspective customers and business partners.

The text of a White Paper is usually backed up with facts and figures based on original research or statistics which has been gleaned from reliable sources. Therefore a White Paper can include graphs, figures, charts, photographs or other visual aids to back up its findings or solution proposals. The term ‘White Paper’ originated in the British Parliament at the beginning of the 20th Century. Various types of documents for different purposes were colour-coded green, pink and blue for example to aid identification. In that context documents advocating a particular policy towards solutions to political problems which came before parliament for consideration and debate were printed on white paper – hence all such ‘solution proposal’ documents became known as ‘White Papers’. Subsequently, such paper document systems became standard in many parliaments across the world.

Today White Papers are also used for Non-Government Agencies (NGOs), financial institutions, consultancy firms and mainly in the business to business (B2B) sector. A White Paper which is mediocre in appearance and which contains bad grammar or spelling mistakes for example, reflects badly on your business or organisation.  The end result is that potential business that should have been yours will go elsewhere. Here at Ace Writing and Media Services and having consulted with you, we can compile, structure and professionally write a White Paper to your every requirement in both hard-copy or electronic formats. A White Paper produced by Ace Writing and Media Services will be both editorially and visually impressive and persuasive.