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Public speaking can be a daunting prospect for anyone, but a well prepared and well written speech/address can make all the difference and boost your confidence. Get that right and everything else will follow.  At Ace Writing and Media Services we can craft that perfect speech after consultation with the client but we can also advise clients on address and delivery techniques so that your spoken words make the right impression and impact on that all-important audience no matter how big or small the occasion.

The spoken word is obviously the oldest and most widely used medium of communication and it can take many different forms.  The speech is one of them. A highly structured form of address, a well-crafted speech is generally the most effective medium of delivering your message whether that be at a meeting, seminar or conference etc. Through the speech, the speaker can present his opinions and thoughts on any subject.

Speech Writing and Speech Delivery Training

At Ace Writing and Media Services we will help you make a success of it. We consult with you one-to-one so that all the crucial information you need to get across to your audience is skillfully incorporated into your speech. We also use unique speech writing techniques which, once applied to your speech notes, make it much easier for you to deliver that address with confidence and presence. At Ace Writing and Media Services we hold English Speaking Board qualifications which promotes clear, effective communication at all levels.