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Business Poetry, Rhyming Slogans and Catchlines

You can dare to be different as at Ace Writing and Media Services we are experts at creating unique rhyming slogans or catchlines for your business, product or service. A rhyming slogan or catchline always brings a smile to readers' faces. Like a catchy slogan or catchline, a rhyming slogan or catchline simply demonstrates that your business or organization exudes additional uniqueness, flair and creativity. To sum up – “A slogan well read means more business ahead”…!  Furthermore, here at Ace Writing and Media Services we are experts at crafting witty and engaging business themed poetry to best encapsulate any business or organisation. These commercial poems are often used as voiceovers for TV, Radio and social media advertisements etc.

Specially written poetry for every occasion

Looking for that special gift? Want something different for that special occasion? Why not have a humorous or serious topical personalized poem or topical rhyme specially written by Ace Writing and Media Services' principal writer and rhyme expert, Joe McCabe. These poems and rhymes are ideal for weddings, retirements, birthday parties, anniversaries, achievement, new babies, divorce, encouragement, engagement, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Get Well wishes , promotion, Valentines Day, even apologies and much more besides!

This is a fantastic way to mark any special event and is as unique as you can get.  Following consultation to firstly glean as much information and material as possible on the subject individual and the occasion on which the poem will be based,each poem is then individually written. Poems can be lighthearted or quite serious depending on the occasion. When you give someone a personalized poem or rhyming verse from Ace Writing and Media Services you give a unique and lasting gift that will be treasured forever.

Memorial Poetry

Encapsulate the cherished memory of your late loved one with a unique and dignified Memorial Poem by Ace Writing and Media Services' principal writer and poet, Joe McCabe.  These beautifully written individual poems are carefully crafted after close consultation with family members to best capture the character, qualities and lifetime achievements of someone special who has passed away.

Every memorial poem is distinctly different, but all bring together in verse the most important individual aspects of a lifetime lived and remembered.  Our memorial poems are perfect as family display pieces, for memorial, dedication and burial ceremonies and also for memorial cards and anniversaries etc. Furthermore, here at Ace Writing and Media Services, we can also provide voice projection training and useful vocal delivery tips for anyone wishing to read our special memorial poems at family memorial events etc..