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Thanks to years of experience in the newspaper and publication industry Ace Professional Writing Services will prepare your press release or news article exactly the way it needs to be done for publication leaving little or no need for further editing etc. That means less work for editors and resulting in your press release or article having the best chance of being fast-tracked and published when and where it matters most.

As experienced editors ourselves we know that press releases from many other sources arrive on the editor’s desk still requiring considerable editing and restructuring before they are ready for publication.  Due to deadline pressures and time constraints resulting from editors’ busy schedules this can result in press releases being discarded, delayed or omitted altogether rather than published at that key time. Crucially, and unlike our competitors, we have gleaned those all-important editorial contacts in the publishing industry over a great many years in journalism because we have worked alongside them ourselves.  They already know that any press release received from us will be exactly the way it needs it to be. This means that your press release stands a much better chance of getting published.

Fast tracked to the news mix

Thanks to our experience as editors in the busy newsroom environment we will structure your press release from start to finish to include snappy headlines and eye-catching content leaving the editor with little to do but to strongly consider fast-tracking your press release to the news mix. The result is a far better chance of your message or story being published and seen by your target readership. Ace Professional Writing Services can also advise on where best to send your press release for publication and also to which journalists and bloggers in order to maximize exposure.

Remember too that Ace Professional Writing Services provides a professional photography service, should you need it, giving you the option to complement that all-important press release with a professionally taken and professionally captioned photograph which arrives at the picture desks of newspapers, magazines or online publications exactly the way the picture editor needs it.  A quality press release with a quality accompanying photograph and other images generally stands a much greater chance of publication.  Ace Professional Writing Services is your one-stop-shop for your press release and photography needs. Let us look after everything for you.