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For new authors entering the world of self-publishing for the very first time the process can be extremely daunting. Even after your manuscript is finally ready for submission, getting your book to the point where you push that key or click that mouse to publish your book involves much decision making and reflection and even then, you might often wonder had you made the right decision in the first place on aspects of the entire process.

The fact is that surprisingly, answers to often simple questions regarding aspects of self-publishing your book can sometimes be quite elusive. Here at Ace Writing and Media Services we can help by guiding you through the self-publication process via Skype or similar platforms. Why? Because we’ve been where you are now. We’ve learned the hard way because we’ve made the mistakes and know the pitfalls. You can benefit from all that experience and save yourself valuable time and money in the long run. Ask all the questions you want in the allotted consultation time and we’ll also prepare a checklist for you of what we consider to be the essentials of self-publishing your book.