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You have worked so hard to bring your cherished book project to this point. You’ve taken it from a mere idea and turned it into something of which you are justly proud. However, this has taken countless solitary hours, whiled away as you worked on every aspect of your manuscript. It’s a great sense of achievement. However, you are now also at a crucial stage. Don’t fall down at the last hurdle.

You’ve carefully, structured your book, written those chapters and decided on your book’s title, chapter order, headings, perhaps sub-headings and you’ve read and re-read your manuscript until you’re practically blue in the face. We’ve all done it. However, the fact is it’s likely to still have grammatical, typographical and punctuation errors.

This is because, where an extensive text-laden book manuscript is concerned, it is impossible for any writer to fully proofread his or her own work. It’s a simple fact. No matter how proficient a proofreader you think you are, you’ve spent so many long hours working on your prized manuscript now that your mind sometimes over-rides what your eyes actually see. You’re not alone because this happens to all us authors.

The only way to be sure your manuscript measures up now is to have it professionally proofread and edited. In undertaking either or both services for you we’re mindful that your unique writing style also has to be preserved. However, as we go about our meticulous but cost-effective editing and/or proof-reading processes on your behalf it involves a process of regular communication and constructive suggestion. This ensures that, when completed, your manuscript is, in fact, fully ready for submission and that it stands the very best chance of being successful.

It’s important to point out that here at Ace Writing and Media Services, we’re just as proficient proofreading and editing manuscripts in US and Canadian English as we are in UK, Irish and Australian English for example. Given our background in many wide and varying aspects of publishing, we can also advise on the correct format for imagery and accompanying captions in your book should you intend to include photographs and/or illustrations.